Quality and Safety First was founded by Beth Daley Ullem to help hospital and healthcare leaders put quality of care and patient safety as the first priority and greatest commitment to patients.  Through advocacy, education and advisory services, Quality and Safety First works to create safer patient care and greater commitment to healthcare quality at a leadership level.

Quality and Safety First’s team works to support hospital leaders to create better safety and quality for patients through three main areas:

Quality Advocate & Governance Expert

Beth Daley Ullem


It is often difficult to find a speaker who can bring the right balance of storytelling, actionable knowledge and inspiration to recommit and achieve better safety, patient-centered care and leadership in healthcare.


Beth aspires to raise the bar and create a standard of work across hospitals for their board of directors.  She has worked nationally for many years to create better ways to assess, education and prepare hospital boards.


Beth partners with a select few hospital systems to provide support to their leadership.  She is very comfortable with the challenges and opportunities their roles bring to improving patient care.